How We Almost Tripled the Number of Web Leads for Sparkhouse

Increase in Annual Web Leads

Web Leads increased 

2 Fold

From Start of SEO

Sparkhouse is a video marketing agency that provides video production capabilities to agencies, enterprises and start ups. After working with Zupo, Sparkhouse was able to see their leads double in the next year. 

By the 2nd year of working with Zupo, the number of leads tripled!

This occurred despite Sparkhouse investing zero to none resources into SEO over its 10 year existence. However, working with Zupo helped lead the video agency from a non existent search player, into the number one ranking video production studio in Orange County. 

This article will walk you through exactly what we did. 

Torrey Tayenaka

CEO & Founder of Sparkhouse

Working with Zupo has been great, we have been seeing trackable results month over month since we hired them for our SEO needs. They always go above and beyond when providing services, coming up with new ideas and helping execute all that we need.

Leads from Google Improved to 65% of all Web Leads

67% of All Leads Attributed to Google 

Percentage of Leads Improved from 37% to 65% after SEO Engagement

Once Sparkhouse began working on their SEO strategy alongside Zupo, the main source of web leads quickly became dominated by Google. Before collaborating, Google accounted for about 37% of all incoming web leads. In 2017, it was 25%. 

By the end of 2018 the percentage of leads attributed to Google almost doubled to 62%

Currently, in 2019, the number of web leads attributed to Google has improved to 65%.

The number of Google Leads incoming in 2018 more than all leads combined in years past 

In addition to becoming the dominant lead generation channel for Sparkhouse, the number of web leads coming from Google is larger than the entirety of the web leads that came in years past. 

Looking at the graph, you can see that in both 2018 and in 2019, the number of leads attributed to Google, surpass that of the total web leads that Sparkhouse acquired in 2017. 

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What We Did 

Local SEO is the most commonly overlooked SEO Campaign  

Companies often can move too fast when it comes to search engine optimization. Their sites are too big and they don't truly have a solid destination they are trying to reach. 

We worked with Sparkhouse to hone in their SEO strategy by targeting their local city first. And once we got that secured, we then grew our local strategy into the entirety of Orange County SEO

Sparkhouse citations were fixed and a citation campaign launched to beef up local SEO potential 

To begin the local SEO strategy, we went in and fixed the citations of Sparkhouse. The company had gone through a name change early on in its founding. In addition, the company had moved locations many times.

This led to Sparkhouse having business information that was inconsistent, and to be honest, just sloppy. 

Work was needed to help Google understand what Sparkhouse was, where they were located what they did. So we immediately collaborated with Sparkhouse on standardizing their business information. From there we launched an initiative to locate and fix all incorrect information that existed on the web. 

By doing this, Google was better able to recognize that Sparkhouse was a business located in Orange County and subsequently, Sparkhouse began to dominate in local searches. 

Refurbished On Site SEO Strategy Utilizing Video & Content

Over the years, Sparkhouse has created hundreds of videos for their clients. Winning many accolades and awards, they were definitely flushed with content. 

However, as a video marketing agency, most of their content was videos that they had made on behalf of clients. In addition, the content was mostly in video form, not text form. 

And though video is commonly believed to be the future of marketing, videos are often at a crossroad with SEO. Google til this day cannot read videos as well, especially embedded videos. 

Therefore, Sparkhouse had many pages on their site with a video embeds, but no real text content to accompany the video. 

Supplementary content was added to complement the extensive video library to better optimize the site 

Due to the lack of textual content, content development was rolled out in accordance with the keyword targets agreed upon between Sparkhouse and Zupo. By reviewing the site's already existing content library, in addition to the video library, Zupo collaborated with Sparkhouse to roll out new and refurbished pages that could better rank for certain keywords. 

Pages like Video Marketing, Corporate Video Production, Crowdfunding and App Commercials were added to the site library in order to better rank for these keyword groups. 

Content was developed with the guidance of SEO on exactly what sections and topics needed to be discussed in order to help rank. The content additions went beyond just page level, as additional blog posts and articles were also developed to bolster the newly created/refurbished pages. 

A great example of one of these initiatives was the 2018 Guide to Corporate Video Production 

Reinvigorating a Powerful, White Hat Linkbuilding and Contributorship Strategy 

Over the years, Sparkhouse has built a strong network of partnerships with consultants and agencies. Therefore, their brand recognition was fairly well known in the Orange County agency market. 

However, this strong network did not translate to any search engine optimization success. Nor did it assist with much online marketing. 

Zupo quickly identified that Sparkhouse was the equivalent to an athlete filled with raw talent. With some guidance, that raw talent could be ultimately funneled into thought leadership and a strong bank of linkbuilding opportunities. 

Working together with Sparkhouse, Zupo audited the current relationships that Sparkhouse had fostered and used those to propel off site SEO strategies. 

A Contributorship Strategy launched that successfully secured recurring guest post opportunities for Sparkhouse

Using Sparkhouse's years of brand recognition and personal relationships, Zupo was able to springboard an offsite seo campaign. 

Sparkhouse quickly was able to acquire recurring contributorship roles with well known sites like Entrepreneur Magazine and Forbes. These then funneled down into more high value, closely relevant publications that would assist in Sparkhouse's SEO strategy. 

Zupo worked closely alongside Sparkhouse on researching headlines that would be attractive for publications, in addition to help stay relevant to the business's bottom line. By focusing on quality content and offering high value, relevant content, Sparkhouse was able to quickly expand their brand's reach. 

Finally, these guest post articles would help anchor and amplify Sparkhouse's own SEO efforts by driving links from high domain authority/rating sites. 

What to do Next? 

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